Industrial Harvest

The Stealing of Nothingness by sarah kavage
December 14, 2009, 11:00 am
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This is in the Piazza archives from Elizam Escobar, a Puerto Rican artist (see more about Escobar in this post).  Titled “the Stealing of Nothingness”, it’s noted “E’s introduction to anthology.” It is the first couple of sentences that are most compelling:

“The search for status, prestige, legitimization, roots, raison d’etre, etc., is in a certain way a search for permission.  That is, the favor of God or men, the favor of the oppressed or the oppressors, the favor of my conscience or yours.  The justification of a path (or deviation) in order to do what must be done is also an impotence of accepting responsibility for one’s acts.” 
. . .
“We do not need permission, we need freedom, but a freedom based on commitment and responsibility.  A freedom passed through fire.”

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