Industrial Harvest

Round the Homefront by sarah kavage
July 3, 2010, 10:51 am
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Paradoxically, the last few days have found me both a little homesick and extra appreciative of my new (temporary) home in Chicago.  Even though it’s not yet sunny there, I miss my Seattle family.  But folks here in Chicago, and especially my housemate, have been wonderfully welcoming.  We’ve taken on about a bazillion small projects related to food, many of them things which have included the collection of berries, the collection of herbs, the collection of flowers, the collection of a chair in the alley, making mayonnaise, making kombucha, planting a community garden plot, playing “Pit”  after our inaugural dinner party (check these folks out, too – but turn the volume down on your computer first!), finding a modern version of “Pit” in the thrift store, and the making of lots and lots of bread products…

This bread, a test of the all-purpose (white, unbleached) flour, was unattractive but very tasty.  Since the artisan bread baking class with George DePasquale I’ve had more successes than failures.  A little light reading for the summer.  The vintage scale is a recent purchase.


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