Industrial Harvest

Warehoused by sarah kavage

The flour is here!  With the heat and humidity, the mill tends to get gummed up.  The flour gets a little bit sticky and they have to keep stopping the machinery and cleaning things out.  So things have taken a little bit longer than expected.  But the milling was finally completed last night and the truck was on its way bright and early this morning.  The destination:  a refrigerated warehouse in the West Loop (not only do I not have enough room to store 20 tons of flour in my apartment, whole wheat flour will quickly go rancid if it’s not refrigerated).  Even though the driver left before 8 AM, he still didn’t pull up at the receiving dock of Fulton Market Cold Storage until after noon, well past the “scheduled” delivery time of 11 AM (traffic in this town is no joke).  Which gave me time to sit in the main office and participate in most of a conference call for the day job.

In the warehouse, things move pretty fast – forklifts and pallets and big stacks of meat and oil and apple juice concentrate.  One must be careful to avoid being the cause of an industrial catastrophe.  I managed to stay out of the way and take a few shots of the unloading process here.

Oh, and I left with 20 lbs. of all-purpose flour to take home.  It fell off the truck, if you know what I mean…


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Hey Sarah;

Very nice blog.

Hope all is well.

Amit Hasak
Fulton Market Cold Storage

Comment by Amit Hasak

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