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Things you can make with wheat

What can one make with wheat?  Here’s a list, always open to additions & suggestions. 
* means I’ve kitchen-tested the recipe.  For a wide selection of bread and other flour-based recipes, try

*Bread (of course, there are endless varieties of bread one can make. I have had luck with the recipes and tips at and Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread
Bulgur (also see
Cake (to be honest, I’m not much of a cake baker or eater.  This website was advertised as “the largest cake recipe database;” I’m taking suggestions for other better ones)
Cookies (again, not much of a cookie baker, although I have been known to enjoy a cookie from time to time.  I’m taking suggestions for cookie recipes to link to, but for the meantime this will have to do…the pictures made me want to eat cookies)
Cream-of-Wheat (there’s also an Indian spiced version)
*Noah’s Pudding
Pasta (and a vegan version, here)
Pie Crust
*Pizza Crust
Phyllo dough, puff pastries & associated goodies (spanokopita, baklava, apple fritters, etc.)
*Wheatpaste (interestingly called wheatpaste, not flour paste; the cooked version – see the comments – is a little better but not as quick)
Crop circles (also here, with the warning not to try this in the US, you’ll probably get shot)
Art! ( I haven’t been though all of these but the human figures made of bread are my favorite so far)
More wheat


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